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I hope to perform and to share my music with as many people as I can reach. Like anyone (as far as I know), I’ve spent time feeling separated and alone in the world, isolated in a crushing seriousness that stops us from enjoying the beauty around us and the people in our lives. The walls we create seemingly protect who and what we are, yet in the end they only stop us from experiencing life fully and stunt the growth of our discovering who we are, not allowing that to flourish based on mental and societal standards. I just want freedom. That’s all I’ve ever wanted. It just turns out that the place you have to fight for it is within yourself. It sounds corny and I’m obviously not the first to say any of this but, if our focus as a planet was to better ourselves, confront our traumas, crazy decisions, and pain, we wouldn’t have the need to lash out in acts that cause more anger and more pain. I’ve done my fair share of lashing out, and ultimately realized that life is already hard; so if you’re making it even harder for others, you’re just being an ass. I love people. Even if we’re crazy, we’re just life- with infinite potential and infinite curiosity. This can take us anywhere because ultimately our free will is our greatest gift. The problem is that we get caught in our cycles and succumb to them until we feel we can’t change. Then we accept them as “who we are” and feel the need to defend them, causing frustration. But, IS that who you are?

So that is the essential concept of my music and this project…to transcend The Cycle, The Circle… The-O.

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When I returned to France, I found two old-time French musician dudes that lived in the city of Narbonne. One was a bass player and the other a drummer. We practiced up songs with 2 basses – my fretless, the other fretted bass, and the drums. We created some trippy sounding music with that format.

I also discovered that my fretless sounded incredible over the music of Seal, Sting, Randy Crawford, and other artists such as Jobim. After refining our sound, we decided to fly Mike Garson out to host a show in the South of France and added some more local musicians. After a few weeks of rehearsing, we played a cool, trippy jazz show packing a French jazz roadhouse.

During one of the summers my family and I came back to San Diego when school was out, and I got the chance to play with Mike and some of his incredible musician friends out here.

Upon returning to France, we went on to host several more shows. For some, we flew in another amazingly talented Brazilian jazz pianist named Rique Pantoja. Rique had played with Chet Baker, Ivan Linns, and many other great US and Brazilian musical artists.

Last but not least, before leaving the south we had to have a couple more shows with Mike Garson.

In 2013 I moved to Barcelona. This is where I started to accept that I didn’t want to be a pure jazzer or other any single flavor of musician. I wanted to make music through which I could communicate my message, while creating songs that would actually be heard and enjoyed by a whole lot of people. In Barcelona, with a computer based recording set up, I started to learn how to produce my own music. The music I made first was Drake-like, with more jazzy changes and big heavy beats that I’d program in. After I wrote and produced six or seven songs in this fashion, I went to my dad and asked him if I could leave school to pursue music full-time. Happily he said YES. But before I left Barcelona, we brought Mike Garson out and arranged to play one last European gig at one of the city’s most happening music clubs, Jamboree.

After this, at the age of 17 I flew back to the US to stay with Garson in his home near Calabasas, California. There I lived like a monk focusing on writing, practicing, and producing. I wrote and produced about ten more pieces, recording them in Mike’s home studio. Played a couple times with Mike at the NAMM show for fun. I stayed with Mike for about 5 months until it was time for me to leave that nest and move to Solana Beach near San Diego to begin what would be the first incarnation of my band.

In Solana Beach I set up a studio in our basement and began to audition musicians to fill the drum and guitar slots. I was on fretless bass and just beginning to sing. We found two local Berklee music school grads that were great musicians. We got together and played our hearts out, rehearsing and recording the songs that I had written. However, that band didn’t last long. It didn’t really gel and vibe the way it needed to if it was going to be something that would blow people away.

My next step – like it or not — was to disband the group. I continued to work with my producer completing ten more songs without a band. Not long after, I discovered that the guy who had done some of our camera work was also a drummer. We sat down together and started jamming. He and I bonded over the music. That drummer was Cole Millerd, the current drummer of The-O.

Over the last couple of years, I have gone on to write about 40 tunes, with Cole playing kick-ass drum parts. Ours is one of those relationships where, whatever I play, Cole interprets it exactly the way I want to hear it, and whatever he plays, it ends up being able to inspire me. Over the course of the last year and a half, we’ve recorded rough mixes of about 35 tunes. Those songs have been boiled down to 12 for the album.


I hope you enjoy the music. Keep loving yourself and your fellow human beings.
All the Best and LOTS OF LOVE,

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