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The-O, an Alternative Rock band with a Progressive vibe, was created by Southern California musician and lyricist, Theo Ryan.  Along with drummer Cole Millerd, behind which Theo is the Lyricist and songwriter.  His music, while uniquely his own, merges influences from the Deftones, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Coldplay, along with many others.  They are currently working on a first album which will debut in January.

Theo, son of the founder of M-Audio, has been exploring music and its many diverse genres since he was a child. Born into a family for whom music was an essential part of life, he developed a deep appreciation for its emotional power and cultural impact.

Having spent most of his formative years in Europe, Theo discovered that music provided a means of capturing the human journey through a language that was universally understood. This led him to experiment with the expressive potential of all types of instruments, studying and experimenting with the piano, guitar, fretless bass guitar, saxophone, drums, and eventually the voice.  He was introduced to jazz at an early age when he accompanied his father to famous jazz clubs in Paris and beyond.  This was a transformative experience that led Theo to immerse himself in the performances of musicians like John Coltrane, Stan Getz, Miles Davis, and Jaco Pastorius. It was also the beginning of his fascination with the fretless bass guitar, a notoriously difficult instrument to master.

Theo’s life among the privileged circles of American expats living in Europe included a brief but disruptive interlude with recreational drugs and alcohol. This led to his family’s return to the US where Theo underwent a very unique rehab program in the Arizona desert, living in the wilderness and following the traditions of the Anasazi Indians. He spent many weeks sleeping under the stars and walking for countless miles in search of water. Although this temporarily interrupted his musical path, he emerged from the experience a changed person with a new understanding of himself and the world around him. Theo carried these revelations into the music that he recommitted to when he returned to his life in Europe and the US.

It was at this point that Theo was introduced by his father to Mike Garson, a piano virtuoso and a reluctant member of the rock and roll elite, whose legendary talent encompassed classical, jazz, pop, and rock genres. Mike was the pianist for David Bowie for 40 years and traveled the world with the iconic pop star. Theo spent countless hours with Mike, being mentored in life, music, and philosophy. This was the beginning of a mentorship and friendship that continues to this day. It was also during this time that Theo committed himself to making music the center of his life and the focus of his personal mission – to use the transcendent power of music to encourage others to examine life in a reflective manner; bettering ourselves through our struggles and happiness, thereby understanding each other and the world around us.

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